A how to Pin and sew Amigurumi video tutorial! Marijuana Amigurumi pattern sold separately.


Why do we have to offend those who don’t wish to see a marijuana leaf.

I will just make some space for those of you who would like to leave.

kindly remove yourself from this situation before getting too upset & have an amazing day.

For the rest of you who are just in it for the crochet tips scroll down!

I want to offer you guys a peek into what I do. Into all of the little ways I try to make things more me.

Nothing is perfect. I would be lying if I said it was, but practice can take you places!

I hope you enjoy this little video. in lue of a real post because Happy Holidays!

One day I will buy a mic and set aside some time to film. For now this is my style.

It will be exciting to see that progresses one day too!

an Off the Hook Mamma Original design

an Off the Hook Mamma Original design

This is what the finished product looks like. I sew with a needle and thread for smaller amigurumi projects (anything made with worsted weight or finer) I find the joins cleaner and tighter without any added bulk.

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