The Evangeline Beanie Progression - How to Faux Knit with Crochet!

I have spent the last year learning how to


This is a checklist of things I needed to step my share bear game up hopefully you can find it helpful as well:

  • A trusted template for video editing (something simple & easy to maximize my time & minimize my video length

  • A proper camera angle, to actually be able to show you what the heck it is I’m doing on my couch late at night (this is still a huge work in progress for me as well -I’ll keep you updated!)

  • Lighting (still to come - one day hehe - pot lights just aren’t cutting it for the quality I want to be able to offer you all)

  • A Blog to SHARE everything in ONE place rather than having my content scattered across the interwebs

  • Inter-connectivity between platforms. Having your systems talk to each other for you is EXTREMELY helpful. For example Etsy, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram they all have their uses. Figuring out how to properly use them is the hard part. Play around for a while! Get a feel for the sites before comitting your business to anything. Trust me when I say it’s overwhelming to just dive right in with no exp.

  • Researching just HOW TO edit & post correctly can be time consuming in itself. Especially with little to no community support. YOU MATTER SO MUCH TO THIS! spending your time effectively (for example, limiting yourself to using 1 hour of ‘social media time’ then maybe 1 hour on pintrest or google doing research on your business specifically.

  • TIME. Time has been the largest missing component in my maker journey (a little more about that below). So for you to succeed I strongly suggest getting a handle on your time, controlling it, planning it and trying your best to stick to your daily goals.

  • Scheduling can be one of the hardest tasks on the list because it causes you to hold yourself accountable for your improper spending of precious time. Use it wisely, we only get so much.

Story Time!

If you are only dazzled by free content and not the real life nitty gritty you can scroll down to the bottom where I have all the links to my newest Youtube content & a link to my Ravelry!

I was and always will be a photographer, portraits were my favorite. Capturing a subjects best features and attributes is one of the things that makes my heart sing; I get the same from designing and finishing a crochet project (no matter how small - Amigurumi - I heart @ youuu).

Over the Christmas break I was in a car accident, it was terrifying & I was immediately rushed to the hospital. I realized that even when feeling in complete control, life sometimes makes different plans for us.

I want to be in control of at least what I offer to the world. It is no longer enough to make & give, to donate or gift. I want to share what I have learned / taught myself and help others make and give more. My hope is that you too will feel that same sense of presence, gratitude & empowerment when YOU finish your projects (be it a pattern of mine or not). I want you to FEEL like I am here, willing to help, because I AM. What are we as mothers (& possibly fathers, hey man I see you there) if not multi taskers, question answerers & helpers?

I have given myself the gift of letting go this year. I will be working my butt off yes, but I will be opening up, sharing more, being more self aware, concentrating on what makes me happy & trying my best to offer you completely original content from my heart & head. I hope you follow along (if you have read this far thank you love, seriously message me anytime)

How to Faux Knit

A Crochet Pattern with 9 Supporting Videos

I’ve posted some shorties to YouTube that will help you along with general crochet stitches & concepts like gathering, decreasing, finishing & sewing. Each of these videos will tie into a pattern of mine but think of them as a guide of sorts. All of the stitch counts & pattern details will be available within the PDF patterns.

The tutorials on my channel will help you if you are already addicted to crochet & just interested in trying a few new things out for yourself.

How to Add Foundation SLST’s to the end of a Row

This video shares the beginning of my simple Evangeline beanie pattern!

An interesting start with a purpose!

Why would she add stitches to the end of Row 1 you ask??

To prevent twisting or turning I found during the Patterns progression! These few stitches equaled out the top of the project. I was experiencing a slight twisting in the testing phases so this is how I eliminated that!

I made around 15 Evangeline beanies before the pattern worked out just as I liked it with an invisible seam & no twisty turning at the top!

It is worked up holding two strands of baby satin yarn #4 weight together & crocheting with an 11.5mm crochet hook.

Appropriate yarns: Caron Simply Soft, Loops and Threads Soft & Shiny, Red Heart Soft Essentials really ANY fine #4 weight sateen/satin yarn will do - I would even use a #3 weight if it came in the colour I wanted)

Scroll down for the rest of the techniques used in the making of Evangeline.

Also heads up!! look forward to future patterns with these EXACT stitch techniques used + more! Once you familiarize yourself with them you will work this stitch with experience like a pro (some you may even already know or have tried before!)

Yes the majority of this project is crocheted in slip stitches & NO it does not take forever! Using a BIG 11.5 hook will have you working up a beanie in just a few hours!

Turning your project this way is ESSENTIAL to not creating a bell shaped hat.

The addition of the CH1 (if not tightened) will create added space where none is necessary.

THIS. I’m sure it has been invented long before me, but this is what my mind came up with when designing this beanie. Gathering the fabric before closing will keep your hats from having that trademark bunchy top. It will create a simple seamless finish.

I wanted this project to look and feel more like a knit than anything (I am a non knitter - have tried 10/10 recommend), working the project a very certain way is required to achieve the knit aesthetic.

This video MIGHT be redundant. Okay I got you, you know how to SC, BUT do you know where to SC when it comes to this stitch? I didn’t! Here is what I figured out along the way:
In order to keep the stretch of the beanie, a specific placement of stitches is needed but a smaller hook can be used in those places. I would suggest if you pull tightly not to use a smaller hook. If you have a loose gauge you can go down to a 9mm hook for this edging.

Figuring out the seam on this one was a stinking breakthrough -does happy dance

After over 10 attempts at making the hat seam invisibly, I FINALLY figured out which spaces to SLST into.

I’m clever, or stubborn…. I haven’t decided yet, probably both.

The video outlines exactly where I went in, what direction and how!

& this is the last video in the series! Now you’ve got all the tools in your arsenal!

If you can work these techniques click the photo down below for the pattern on my Etsy shop! It includes 10 sizes & the 8 videos listed!