Meet the Maker

Welcome to the Blog!

I wanted to do a quick #meetthemaker blog post to let you know just how thankful I am that you found me! My name is Amy-May, I’m the designer/maker behind #OtHM ! 

I am always overly excited to share what I know about life, love & crochet! This is my ‘You Found Me!’ face.

I am going to be brutally honest

and say that I’m a bit of a social outcast’ & I have an odd sense of humor. Trust me, it rarely ever comes across; but I still laugh.  I am not the most social in real life, but maybe you can tell why :P. I love to help people & I do have a lot of great friends that I am extremely lucky to have & keep.  I may not see them every day but the type of connections I like to make are the lasting kinds, the deep melt your heart bond between family kinds.  My friends (and family) all know that I love them, & yes crochet gifts at my house are a thing.

I have moved more than I care to admit in my 30 short years on earth but have in turn met some of the kindest souls.  I am an empathic person with a neurological condition. I have fibromyalgia + a few other health conditions (mostly caused by the fibromyalgia) & crochet is my happy place and the closest thing to therapy I have.

I think most importantly I am a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a photographer and a maker.  Right now, it feels like a lot, but in a good way; it’s nice to have many good things to “balance” & figure out.  Have you ever reached a point in your life where you looked around and thought ‘yup, that’s it, I’m content, what’s next?’, wouldn’t it be nice to feel that way everyday while still striving to be a better version of yourself??

Having dealt with deep depression, anxiety & hypersensitivity to pain from the age of five or six due to life traumas that I will get into later with you, when I am ready; I would love to reach out to those of us who suffer. Especially those who suffer in silence, with a hook in hand and a tear in your eye.

I see you. I value you. I want to learn more about you. I hope you give yourself the opportunity to do any and everything you set your heart and mind to. Truly. I have been you & it is only so far behind me.

I want to challenge you to open up in new ways, to research more, to live more fully to trust more & to be more patient (especially with yourself), and to ENGAGE more! Comment, like, tag, this isn’t living but it is a STEP (all-be-it a small one) in the right direction.

As some of you may know this blog has been in the works for quite a while with life, family and work always coming first crochet can sometimes get neglected & I want you to internalize that THAT IS OKAY. sometimes our priorities are NOT fun, they are necessary.  I want to share some things I have learned through my own trials and errors that have helped me become more organized and driven when making, and some of the ways I am able to do so in constant pain. 

While I haven’t always had the time, energy or mobility to crochet I have always had designs floating around inside of my head, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Every artist was first an amateur”. One day last year I thought, what better way to share my knowledge & experience then a blog “FOR EVERYONE??” & just like that my eyes got wide and my mouth gaped as I told the on-lookers in my living room with gusto that I would be “Making a blog FOR EVERYONE”

As I stood up I’m sure the last bit came out in a roar (like the lioness I am thank you vurry much), & I think genuinely startled Nelson because he looked up from his video games for a second and smiled. Alycia was excited though, she’s like me, we excite easily. We had a dance party & got on with ourselves.

The ideas I plan to share with you will not be for everyone and they will sadly not always involve yarn

- I know I know, I feel you- , but if you are willing to learn, adapting them to your own life style shouldn’t be that much of a challenge (don’t forget what I mentioned about priorities already). 

I am in love with some of the things I have made - I know that sounds bad, but it was just yarn before for goodness sake. 

Our ‘hobby’ is such an art form & I have studied art all of my life. Follow along and let me continue to show you why I love it so much. I will also share things that I have learned personally about my body and what it really means to sit for hours crocheting (or writing patterns).  I want to outline what to do when pain strikes / or / hopefully preemptively before it gets to the point of no return (which doesn’t really exist most of the time).

I will share how to post, when and why; as well as what to include and how it effects your Search Engine Optimization when listing items for sale or throughout your advertising.

I will share my goals and aspirations for Off the Hook Mamma with you as well as my fears and doubts (including my fear of being open and writing from my heart – rejection and failure have never been welcome friends of mine).

I hope you come to love my free patterns on here which I will be sharing intermittently as well as some of my paid patterns, how they came to be, why they didn’t work out /or if they did and what to do to make your work picture and post ready! - I think that blog will be a fun one

So come with me on my crochet journey, my only promise is to be a genuine human being.

I will stumble, I have.

I might fall, I have, but I will never give up on my dreams. 

If you are looking for a friend you can always message me, my inbox is always open & for my followers my tea pot is always hot.


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