Free Clip in No Slip Hair Bow Crochet Pattern

One question I’m often asked is “What sells at spring craft fairs?” Today I’ve come up with a QUICK and easy pattern that will have you churning out hair clips like no ones business!

Free Hair Bow Clip Pattern.jpg

Linked below you can find the clips I use as well as a glue gun (if you are in need) as well as a link to my “crochet by hand' tags that really amp up sales at any craft show, craft fair, or in shops where your items are laid out for the pubic. Going that extra mile for your clients really lets them know how much you care, without breaking the bank with some simple DIY solutions you can work at from home!

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The Link to the Written Pattern & Full Video Tutorial is below!

This way you can play & pause it at your own convenience!

The Pattern is comprised of only 7 rows & an edging. It is EXTREMELY fast (think 5 minutes or less once you get the hang of it! & with these clips you can imagine that the hair clip possibilities are endless! Use the link above to grab them at sale price (most beauty salons charge $5 for 10 here you’ll get 30 for just over $10!) I know I’ll be buying more for my daughter who LOVES handmade hair clips, especially when she gets to wear a little Amigurumi on her head. The girl loves to laugh, what can I say!

Free Mini Bow Hair Clip Pattern

Using a 3mm Crochet Hook & #3 yarn (I used Red Heart Ombre)

(Row 1) Ch 3+1, work 3 BLO SC sts into the second loop from the hook (3 sts)

(Row 2 - 7) Ch 1, SC 3 sts across (3 sts)

(Edging) Ch 2 & SC 7 sts down the side of your rectangle (swivel/turn your work sideways to make this happen). CH 2 sts per corner between 2 SC’s in the same space, SC 3 @ the base, CH 2, SC 7, CH 2 & SLST to the top row. (17 sts)

NOTE: In the video I forgot all about the nice structured corners I had created for this pattern. I only CH1 in each corner for the video, but the pattern calls for 2. I prefer the way written, but for a more rounded look, follow the video tutorial below.

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Talk to you soon!