Big Crochet Eyes - How to Crochet & Embroider them

Today on the blog I’ll be sharing a fun little crochet pattern with you all to enjoy & share! It is only two rows & a few SIMPLE sewing stitches with a curved needle. I’ve provided a step by step video you can use as a guide! I hope you enjoy this & can’t wait to see what you applique eyes onto now!!! The site contains advertisements to help keep it up and running. Remember gratitude goes a long way, so pay it forward & share this blog or give it a thumbs up if you like the pattern! Tag me on Instagram @off.the.hook.mamma I can’t wait to see what you’ve gone and put eyes on!

Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.      

Bill Cosby


For this project you will need:

1.    2.5mm Hook

2.    Worsted weight yarn: (white cotton)

3.    Embroidery Floss for the Pupil (I used a Black)

4.    Scissors

5.  A darning needle (I use a curved upholstery needle)

below is the short list of items you’ll need to make these eyes & h My Goodness I just found the next cutest pair of scissors on Amazon, plus these ergonomic hooks have my heart & you can never have enough black embroidery floss. Never.

The Written Pattern

(find the video below)

Using a 2.5 mm crochet hook & #4 cotton yarn (any regular to thinner weight worsted will do)

R1: Ch 5+1, starting in the 2nd loop from the hook, SC 5, then work 4 more stitches into the fifth stitch space (for a total of 5 sts in that last space), rotate the work & SC 3 in the underside of the starting chain, next SC INC into the same space as the last stitch (3 total sts in that last space), SLST the row closed.

(14 sts)

R2: Ch 1, SC 6, SC INC (x2), SC 5, SC INC (x2)

(18 sts)

FO & embroider into them.

The Video

You can follow the step by step video tutorial below to create the eyes, follow this one to sew them on & you can also find the pattern for my Amigurumi Pot Leaf here ( I used a 4.5mm hook this time to create him & I like the finished size!) You can also find the pattern over in my Etsy or Ravelry shops.

I can’t wait to see what YOU do with this! You could sew these eye onto backpacks, onto blankets. or pillows, baskets, anything you can think of for kids really!

These eyes can be added to literally anything,or even just to hair clips (check out my video tutorial & blog links for no slip hair clips)

Happy Weed Appreciation day & thank you for visiting my blog!

Happy Weed Appreciation day & thank you for visiting my blog!