How to Detail Amigurumi - 4 Simple Facial Additions that pop!

In the last blog post I helped you achieve the body of your Amigurumi Character. Today I’ll be helping you finish it off & add some quirky extras that maybe you didn’t realize were important. I’ll also be showing you a before and after of my Maddison Rabbit with a simple break down on just why these details are so important.

For Starters

Most of us make for children, more specifically our children, or a familial offspring. Have you ever seen a child’s toy without a face? Probably not right? Or at least very few of them & maybe you find them slightly creepy, like me. (Inserts creepy bunny with very little face below)

bunny nose.jpg

I’m creepy

Because I have no soul

What I want you to do is imagine the light that the features of your face provide the world. Imagine the subtle cues and hits you send out daily, with only so much as a grin or a grimace.

Our goal with Amigurumi should be to capture a feeling or mood if not ignite one.

The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists.

- Charles Dickens

It is exactly this reason that we love our dolls before they are truly finished or ready for the world!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a fault. This is particularly a learning place, a jumping off point. I’m reminding you that even though you may LOVE your makes, there is still time to take a harder look at them & ask yourself “Have I created or captured a soul for this baby, one which is visible for the whole world to see & is deserving of love?” I often ask myself this because often without the details (that may or may not be painstaking) our makes can be easily disregarded, forgotten & ‘lost’.

I want to create with a purpose, even if it is ‘only’ for my child.

I would like for her to one day have a conversation with me (maybe as an adult, maybe sooner) about all of the beautiful life I breathed into her toy collection. About all of the perfect adventures she had with A, B, or C baby doll mommy made & why. I want her to look into their eyes now and FEEL my love inside her heart. I know, I’m a mom, my friends would gag at exactly this moment, and I would laugh; only silently imagining myself barfing rainbows on them. One day they will get it. Until then, & maybe after that, I’ll write you.

It’s when we take a step back that we can truly appreciate our work.

I spent 3 years asking/ no - begging - for critique. For opinions. Opinions that might hurt my feelings, ones that might make my head bigger, anything that I could use to change my own perspective of my art and make my work ‘better’. To me being ‘better’ isn’t a competition I have with a person or group of people, but rather a private competition I constantly have with myself. If I KNOW that I could have put more effort into an item before it is ‘finished’ I always try to, & why not if the ultimate goal is to be the best version of myself making the best versions of these Amigurumi babies for my child.

Below you will find a few short Youtube videos I designed to help you finish off the Maddision Rabbit the ‘right’ way. But don’t you worry I will never judge you if you decide you want your baby to be different than mine, more special or more simplistic. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder & if you are in love with your results, then I am over the moon happy for you. Just remember I’m here, I am willing to help and my inbox is always open!

How to Contour your Amigurumi

In this step you are essentially sewing an upside down triangle into the face. The flat part being the bridge of the nose & across the eyes. This will noticeably change the face from still to smiling. The look of the finished product will change DRASTICALLY depending on how tight you pull and tie so be cautious, but firm.

How to Sew eyelids onto your Amigurumi

So I’m not going to lie… this is another slightly unnecessary step in any face but 1. I glued those suckers in there & 2. I’m still horrible with a glue gun even after oh I’d say 25 years practice. I just had to find a way to 1. a) highlight & brighten the eyes & 2. a) hide the mess of glue I had made. Because #DIYforlife

I know! Why not just put the backs on them right!? Nope. I cannot for the life of me get them on. I have Fibromyalgia & that is just not something I am capable of. My almost 4 year old isn’t chewing the eyes out at this point, so we are good. I do not ever recommend safety eyes to anyone under 3 years of age.

How to Hand stitch a Mouth & Eyebrows (in one go!)

This video is the one that’s most ‘necessary’ You’ve seen the doll without a face. A bit creepy right? Cute in it’s simplicity (if you are going that rout I suggest using a smaller hook & cotton yarn for the body base to highlight the form and stitch definition). This video guides you through how I hold and sew into the head to make the face. Pause it, play it in slow motion if you have to, this is the good stuff.

For a softer look you can use one strand of embroidery floss, but you must then tie a slip knot to the end of your thread, sew through it & work off of that. Weaving the ends in when you are finished.

How to Top Stitch your Amigurumi crochet, for Definition & Structure

Adding a few stitches to the ears just to hold things together & changes the look of your Rabbit. It is a bit of an unnecessary step, unless you plan to wash it often. Then you’ll be thanking yourself when it doesn’t turn into a funny looking mess with twisted ears (have done with Amigurumi’s in the past - 0/10 would not recommend). Or ears that have turned inside out in the dryer, nightmares are made there. To avoid that follow the video tutorial above when making my Maddison Rabbit Pattern or any other top stitch needing Amigurumi project.

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