Easy Crocheted Letter 'A' Applique Pattern

Today on the blog, I’ll be sharing my quick and easy applique letter ‘A’ crochet pattern with you! I hope you love that personalized touch on your hand makes as much as I do. Sometimes going the extra distance is what sets your work apart and makes it stand out. Scroll on down to skip the chatting for the pattern!


I first designed this A as an applique for my daughter Alycia’s new blanket, the Millennial Birch blanket - pattern available in my shops & stitch is outlined for free on my blog. Below you will find a list of required materials, and the pattern. To finish and affix this applique to any blanket or finished item you will have to have some basic knowledge of sewing, but a strong will to learn also works wonders!

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‘A’ Applique Pattern | OtHM original

Final measurements are 6” long by 3” wide unless you use a different size needle & hook

For this project you will need:


1.    7mm Crochet Hook for blanket

2.    Colour made easy yarn. I used Millennial for this photoshoot.

3.    Darning needle 

4.    Scissors

Some of my favorites from Amazon below!


Ch = chain stitches

SC = single crochet. Every First stitch & every other stitch will be a single crochet stitch

BLO = back loop only.  Every Foundation stitch in the pattern is a BLO stitch

sts = stitches

SLST = slip stitch. Every other stitch & every last stitch of the row will be a slip stitch

Inv.dec. = Invisible decrease, can essentially be done as SC2TOG.

SC__TOG = single crochet multiple loops together. pull up a loop in the next two sts & treat them both as the first loop in the SC, this can be used in combination, pull up two loops, skip two spaces, pull up to loops for example, all 5 loops on the hook would be crocheted TOG – ie. Together. I will count these as ONE stitch, although they can incorporate 5 strands of yarn.


 NOTE: Your choice of yarn will change the colour and sizes of the project. Thinner yarn will require a smaller hook & create a smaller final outcome. Larger yarn & bogger hook will do the same! The possibilities are endless with crochet!

 Special Instructions:

For this applique, I worked every row turning. I started the first row as the top of the A and worked inwards with my stitches, gathering them as I came in.  The middle piece, the hyphen or dash of the A, is a separate portion that is sewn into place once the two parts are complete. 

I counted the ‘cluster’ stitches as ONE stitch, as that’s what it represents when it’s completed.

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‘A’ pattern

7mm crochet Hook. Colour Made Easy yarn.

Outer ‘A’

Foundation:  Chain 50 + 1 ( this will be the top outer most layer of your ‘A’ – you will be working in & down from this point on).

Row 1: Working only in the BLO starting 2nd chain from the hook SC 22, in the next two sts pull up two loops (one in each), Skip two sts, then in the next two sts pull up two more loops for a total of 5 on your hook, SC5TOG, SC 22 to the end & turn

(45 sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, SC 20, pull up a loop in the next two sts, the same as the loop before. Skip two sts & pull up loops in the two sts on the left side of the peak. With 5 loops on the hook, SC5TOG, then SC 20

(41 sts)

Row 3: Ch 1, SC 18, pull up a loop in the next stitch, Skip 4 sts & pull up a loop, YO SC3TOG, SC 18

(37 sts)

Row 4: Ch 1, SC 16, pull up a loop in the next stitch, Skip 4 sts & pull up a loop, YO SC3TOG, SC 16

(33 sts)

Inner Dash

Foundation:  Chain 5 + 1 

Row 1: SC 5 sts

(5 sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, inv.dec, SC 3

(4 sts)

FO & sew this in place, Row one is the bottom & should be sewn in between the arch of the ‘A’ 5 sts up from the bottom of the ‘A’.  You will attach it to 3 stitches, double knot it, weave the yarn towards the other side & repeat without pulling the yarn too taught.

Thank you for taking the time to read through and produce my pattern! If you have Instagram make sure to share your finished makes and tag me @off.the.hook.mamma directly in your photos for a feature!

Visit my pattern shop  here  for the PDF download!

Visit my pattern shop here for the PDF download!

Come back next week for more free patterns & grab the PDF if you want to have a handy printed out copy that’s easy to highlight as you go!


Thank you!