6" Basket - Free Mothers day pattern! Includes written pattern & video tutorials!

Today on the blog I will share a simple pattern called the 6” Basket Pattern. This pattern uses some of my key crochet tricks. Purchase the inexpensive PDF here on my site, here on Ravelry, or here on Etsy!

(Want to skip the chatter? Scroll right down to get the free pattern & the videos are at the bottom!)

I will show you one of the techniques I use for:

  1. Changing direction (different than I have previously shared & a bit easier)

  2. Finishing/ Edging (I have used this stitch before - check out my Millennial Birch blanket pattern!

  3. Making crochet sturdy (for the handles of this basket - & Dead Pool’s swords)

If you have a better name suggestion & would like to send that in please do! I hope you & whoever you gift this basket to enjoys it & finds it useful/practical!

If you don’t have time to make it now, never fear! Just pin one of my photos to your pintrest board & save it as a project for later. This will keep your friends in the loop about my designs as well & may help keep me in the designing free patterns business for longer! - I would really appreciate it! (every like really counts!)


This Mothers day I decided to design myself this small gift. I then promptly forgot about myself (as a mother - pretty typical) & gave it to my daughter to put her dollies in. I have received one mothers day gift from Alycia (my daughter) so far & am looking forward to whatever she makes me at daycare this week! It isn’t about the tissue paper flower I got last year, or how I still have it as a reminder; it’s more about her expression when giving it to me - the pride & accomplishment she felt. It’s more about her putting her little heart into something, committing to it fully & thinking of me, even while she’s away (at daycare). I mean, yeah I’ve been given nicer looking flowers, but my heart melted when it came with a “ I love you the most in the whole world Mommy, look what I made for you today - Reem helped” haha, it makes me feel like a kid again to live through those emotions with her and revel in her excitement, even if it is short lived &followed promptly with a “can I have a timbit” as we drive home.

I decided to give her the basket, because why not? Who better to give my makes to than my one and only. I’m hoping to show her the meaning of ‘giving is better than receiving.’ Each time I make her something (if she wants it - which she luckily always does) she must trade one toy she no longer wants to children with less toys than she has. It makes cleaning a little easier & her toy collection stays manageable - especially when I can trade a toy for a basket for toys - Mom Win!

6” Basket Pattern | OtHM original

Final measurements are 9.5” long by 3” wide unless you use a different size needle & hook

For this project you will need:

1.    8mm Crochet Hook

2.    Bernat Maker Fashion yarn (two strands & less than 317 yards)

3.    Sewing needle & thread

4.    Scissors (the next step is optional)

5.    Buttons: I used real coconut & unstained wood buttons stacked together)



Ch = chain stitches

SC = single crochet.

SCINC = single crochet increase (2 sts in one space.)

BP = back post stitches

sts = stitches

CS =  Crab Stitch – used on the boarder of this basket.

FO = Fasten off, pull a SLST through to close off the piece/ detail.

Special Instructions:

This pattern is worked bottom up. Working in the Back posts only -Row 8- will make the basket turn upwards. The basket is extremely simple & quick to make. If you use a different hook size or yarn type the basket will turn out slightly different but I can’t wait to see what you come up with!For the edging I used a simple crab stitch boarder, then -when FO- I weaved the tail ends through the first crab stitch, then into the basket (after tying a double knot). - video


Using 2 strands of yarn held together to make one thick strand. - video

Row 1: Ch 2 & SC 8 into the BLO 2nd loop from the hook

(8   sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, *SCINC, repeat from * to end.


Row 3: Ch 1, * SCINC, SC, repeat from *

(24 sts)

Row 4: Ch 1, SC, * SCINC, SC 2, repeat from * 6 more times, SCINC, SC

(31 sts)

Row 5: Ch 1, *SCINC, SC 3, repeat from *

(40 sts)

Row 6: Ch 1, SC, *SCINC, SC 4, repeat from * 6 more times, SCINC, SC 3

(48 sts)

Row 7: Ch 1, *SC 5, SCINC, repeat from *

(56 sts)

Direction Change -Working up side of the basket-

Row 8: Ch 1, BPSC 56 sts around.

(56 sts)

Row 9 - 11: Ch 1, SC 56

(56 sts)

Row 12: Ch 1, SC 55, SCINC

(57 sts)

Row 13 - 14: Ch 1, SC 57

(57 sts)

Row 15: Ch 1, SC 28, SCINC,SC 28

(58 sts)

Row 16 - 17: Ch 1, SC 58

(58 sts)

Row 18: Ch 1, SC 57, SC INC

(59 sts)

Row 19: Ch 1, SC 59

(59 sts)

Row 20: Ch 1, SC 29, SCINC, SC 29

(60 sts)

Row 21: Ch 1, SC 60

(60 sts)

Row 22: Ch 1, SC 15, SCINC, SC28, SCINC, SC 15

(62 sts)

Row 23: Ch 1, SC 62

(62 sts)

Row 24: Ch 1, CS 62 sts to end, weave tails into the first stitch created.

(62 sts)

Find the pattern on Ravelry by clicking the photo!

Find the pattern on Ravelry by clicking the photo!

Handle Portion

Make 2 & sew them in place once finished - video

Row 1: Ch 15 + 1 & turn. SC 15 into the BLO 2nd loop from the hook

(15 sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, * insert your hook as normal, BUT THEN, lay your work flat, so that you are looking down at your project with the hook closest to you (coming up and out of the project).  If you lay the hook flat it will point to your second insert of the stitch @ the bottom of the first stitch.

NOTE: In this case you are essentially crocheting OVER the last stitch, then second to last, then third, all the way across back to the beginning again.  YO, Pull through the 5 loops on the hook & SLST to close the stitch. Repeat across from *  

(15 sts)

Row 2: Ch 1, *insert your hook into the last stitch you made, looking down at it. Laying your work flat without turning it you will YO & pull up a loop.  You will be working “upside down”, so that you are looking down at your project with the stitches you want to enter in the opposite side. You are just adding YO’s & SC sts as reinforcement, encapsulating the previous Rows. NOTE: to correctly finish this you will need to BLOCK & GLUE OR STARCH them if you would prefer them to be ridged.

(15 sts)



Thank you for taking the time to read through and produce my pattern! If you have Instagram make sure to share your finished makes and tag me @off.the.hook.mamma directly in your photos for a feature!

This written pattern is intended for personal and small business sales use (incl. etsy shops) and may NOT be mass produced, promoted or sold as an others property or pattern. Sole property Of Off the Hook Mamma. This pattern is not to be edited or resold by any party other than Off the Hook Mamma’s Handmade shops. I hope you’ll come back to #OtHM online and enjoy even more of my patterns!   


Thank you!